A six week soul initiatory journey

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    Welcome to Call To Temple

    • Welcome

    • About Highden Temple

    • Daily music playlists

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    Preparation Week

    • How to prepare

    • Background on soul initiation

    • What is soul initiation?

    • Mandala

    • Highden Mandala Booklet

    • Days, Rays and Planets

  • 3

    Week 1- landing and crossing a threshold into sacred container

    • Monday meditation- setting your sacred space

    • Monday transmission and ritual-

    • Monday additional resources

    • Tuesday meditation- sacred desire

    • Tuesday transmission and ritual

    • Tuesday additional resources

    • Wednesday meditation

    • Wednesday transmission and ritual

    • Thursday meditation- the three rings of the heart

    • Thursday transmission and ritual

    • Thursday additional resources

    • Friday meditation- soul shine

    • Friday transmission and ritual

    • Friday additional resources

  • 4

    Week 2- Building the field of connection

    • Monday meditation- shamanic descent with Winter Icely

    • Monday transmission and ritual- all our shamanic relations

    • Tuesday meditation- connecting heaven and earth

    • Tuesday transmission and ritual

    • Wednesday meditation- the seat of the soul

    • Wednesday transmission and ritual

    • Wednesday additional resources

    • Thursday meditation- heart resonance

    • Thursday transmission and ritual- soul intimacy

    • Friday Meditation- leaving the matrix

    • Friday transmission and ritual

  • 5

    Week 3- Individuation within the field

    • Monday meditation- the base

    • Monday transmission- individuation and kundalini

    • Monday ritual- landing

    • Tuesday meditation- gender identity

    • Tuesday transmission and ritual- soul as non binary

    • Tuesday additional resources

    • Wednesday meditation- transcending mind

    • Wednesday transmission and ritual- beliefs and identity

    • Wednesday additional resources

    • Thursday meditation- the core of the heart

    • Thursday transmission and ritual- being true to love

    • Thursday additional resources

    • Friday meditation- the door at the back of the heart

    • Friday transmission and ritual- marrying the beloved

  • 6

    Week 4- Integrating Shadow

    • Monday meditation- finding somatic contraction

    • Monday transmission and ritual- the dweller on the threshold

    • Monday additional resources

    • Monday additional resources 2 - Dark side of the moon

    • Tuesday meditation- shadow arousal

    • Tuesday transmission and ritual- the dragon song

    • Wednesday meditation- who am I?

    • Wednesday transmission and ritual- identity collapse

    • Wednesday additional resources - Astrology

    • Thursday meditation- becoming water

    • Thursday transmission and rItual- dissolving in love

    • Friday meditation- radiance

    • Friday transmission and ritual- the source of shining

  • 7

    Week 5

    • Monday meditation- into the atom

    • Monday transmission and ritual- dark light in the body

    • Monday additional resources

    • Tuesday meditation- erotic soul

    • Tuesday transmission and ritual- aroused

    • Tuesday additional resources

    • Wednesday meditation- traveller between worlds

    • Wednesday transmission and ritual- soul identity

    • Thursday meditation- returning

    • Thursday transmission and ritual- the seat of the soul in the heart

    • Friday meditation- integration

    • Friday transmission and ritual- celebration

You are the living temple

Call to Temple is six week journey into the mysteries of soul initiation. These teachings form the foundations of curriculum at Highden Temple, a mystery school in New Zealand.

This six week online course is running for the first time this September alongside the Earth Mandala Temple Training at Highden Temple and simultaneously around the world.  

You will be part of a field of hundreds of people around the globe doing their soul work together. There will be opportunities to connect with others at points in the programme if you so choose.

If you would like to undertake the programme alongside the Temple Training we commence Sep 28 and complete Nov 6 2020. There is also preparation needed in the week prior starting September 21st.  

Alternatively you can start and complete his course in your own time and at your own pace.   

The content is available for 3 months until January 30th 2021.  

Bruce Lyon


  • Week 1:  Soul landing. Crossing a threshold into a sacred container.
  • Week 2:  Building a field of connection.
  • Week 3:   Individuation of soul within a field 
  • Week 4:   Integration of shadow
  • Week 5:   Initiation and emergence
  • Week 6:   Re- entry and bringing soul into the world.  

Call to Temple offers more than sixty hours of uniquely crafted teachings.  Every day of the week carries its own theme and you will explore the way the soul transmits through ;

* Consciousness

* The heart

* Our emotional body

* Our eros and sexuality

* The shamanic realms

* Higher and lower siddhis (powers)

This is a comprehensive programme of esoteric studies, meditation, sexuality, relationship, communion with the earth, cosmology, creativity and much more.  

The content is delivered through daily video transmissions, meditations and ritual practices.  You will also be invited to join a facebook group to connect with others exploring these teachings.

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Access to the first weeks content will be available on the 21st September. Subsequent teachings are released weekly in alignment with the Temple Training Earth Mandala. Course Cost- US $595